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    A shrink wrap in your house can save your roof life.

    The main reason to install a shrink wrap on your roof is to protect your property from incoming leaks and water damage—this is crucial when a property sustains roof damage from a natural disaster or unexpected object. Roof damage can occur from various causes, such as hail, wind, trees, and other natural disasters. Additionally, unforeseen objects like openings, cracks, and damaged shingles/tiles can cause roof damage. When a property’s roof is damaged, it is essential to repair it as soon as possible to prevent potential consequences like water damage, mold growth, and structural damage.

    We take several steps to protect a property from incoming leaks and water damage. Covering damaged areas with a tarp or shrink wrap can prevent rainwater from entering the property and causing further damage. Using buckets to catch leaking water can also minimize water damage. If necessary, turning off the property’s water supply can prevent additional water from entering and causing more damage.

    Overall, it is crucial to understand the causes and consequences of roof damage and take necessary steps to protect a property from incoming leaks and water damage. Property owners can save themselves from costly repairs and potential health hazards caused by water damage and mold growth by repairing roof damage as soon as possible and taking preventative measures such as shrink wrap.


    • PHASE 1 

    Contact us at 786-703-7413 to make an appointment to inspect your home or business.

    Our certified team will evaluate the roof’s surface area, measure it, and provide instant feedback for the installation of the shrink wrap procedure. 

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    Technicians will arrive at the location with all the necessary materials to perform the shrink wrap installation in the most efficient timely manner. 

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    Rest assured that your property is protected against the elements with the newly installed shrink wrap until a permanent repair is made.